British Columbia Adventure,  June 2016

Paradise, sometimes it is a place, sometimes it’s a state of mind. 

As I sit here in the sun and my makeshift office (two lawn chairs and an iPad) I think about how perfect the day has been. Today, paradise is a campsite 5 meters from the banks of the South Thompson River. It’s a place where there are no pressures to be anywhere or meet any deadlines. There is plenty of time to enjoy the peaceful setting, some classic rock, the scent of flowers wafting by on a light breeze, a bird singing, the warmth of the sun. Today I truly  am in paradise.

Yesterday we toured the sunny Chase BC countryside, returning by late afternoon. At the end of the day I lay in bed looking out at twinkling stars through the open bedroom window.  A cool breeze, gently rustling leaves and the sound of running water  were the lullaby that quickly sang me off to sleep.  

If you have never travelled through British Columbia you might want to add it to your list of places to see. Of course my favourite way to travel is with Rhoda and Dusty (my RV and towed or toad if you prefer) but if that isn’t your idea of fun, there are many other ways to enjoy this beautiful province.

We took Hwy 1, the Trans Canada, west from Calgary. Roads were good, however, this summer, be prepared to encounter  a few long intervals of road construction.  As frustrating as this may sound, not only does it gives one a chance to slow down and enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery, it makes the prospect of next summers travel through these parts a much smoother possibility.

Of course Parker and Summer are enjoying the trip too. We tend to take a lot more walks than when we are at home so they love RVing as much as I do, just for different reasons. 🙂

Parker loves being outside, watching everything that moves(Nosey Parker), swimming, getting dirty, following bugs, and rolling in smelly things…..

Summer tiptoes through dirt, hates bugs and getting her feet wet, loves staying inside where it’s soft and cozy.

One thought on “British Columbia Adventure,  June 2016

  1. Lol. Love Parker but Summer is my kind of girl! (Despite what you might think when you see me in the garden.) we miss you in our corner of the world but are very happy to hear that you are enjoying yourselves. Keep up the entertaining posts please!

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