Hello world!

We have settled on  “Rhoda Venture” for the name of the RV. (Rhoda for short) A little play on words there as  life is made up of roads to adventure. 🙂

I set up this blog to document and share travel experiences on my road through life, including some that will be navigated from the front seat of Rhoda.

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Rhoda Venture’s first adventure was in August 2014 when I drove from central Alberta, through Saskatchewan and crossed the border into North Dakota. In  33 days I drove all the way to Maine then up into New Brunswick, toured Nova Scotia, took the ferry to Newfoundland, turned around and did it all in reverse. (13852 km or 8607 miles) What a great time.

There are a couple of things I would change for my next adventure.  First on the list would be to take more time and stop longer along the way. Stay tuned as I continue blogging about our Rhoda Ventures.

Always a Happy Camper

Rhoda Venture

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