Simple DIY to stop items from sliding around while you travel in your RV

Sometimes I forget to tuck everything away and off the counters before heading down the road. You know, things like the little basket on the sink that holds the dish soap and scrubbies. The basket on the bathroom counter that is filled with everyday items like lotion, perfume bottles, a hair brush etc. It usually only takes a few kilometers of travel before I hear that thump as whatever got neglected, crashes to the floor.  I usually let out a groan and hope that nothing broke. Whatever just fell will likely have to stay where it landed until the next stop.

If you have ever had this experience yourself  and are looking for a quick easy fix…… is mine.

You will need a small tube of silicone, (I used clear but  coloured works well also)  a glass of water and a little time for the process to be completed.  Mine took about 5 minutes before I could press it into position and shape it but don’t be afraid to test it sooner than that. After it was shaped I was going out so left it overnight to dry. Read the information on the specific product you intend to use. They usually set in far less time than that.
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I have used this fix on a variety of items, my fruit basket, a metal napkin holder, the bottom of  the soap pump bottle to name a few.  If you find this DIY project helpful or have a different solution, please tell us about it in the “Leave a Comment” section.

Rhoda Venture wishing you all, Happy Camping! 🙂

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